October 3rd

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Social Event: Free guided visit to the Guggenheim Museum

Details of Guggenheim visit

1-hour visits for groups of 20 people (ESP, ENG) at 18h and 19h. Please register.
October 4th


09:15Plenary - Lars Montelius
“Social perspective of science”
10:00Plenary - Ibon Bustinduy Uriarte
“The European Spallation Neutron Source project”
10:50Coffee break
11:20A. Quesada
"A LEEM for the dynamical study of surfaces in Spain"
I. Jiménez
"Influence of Mo-doping on the optical, electrical and tribological properties of BCN coatings"
11:40M. A. Niño
"Chiral induced spin filtering effects in organic films"
S. Ruíz-Gómez
"Magnetic nanowires with chemical notches for spintronics applications"
12:00N. Bundaleski
"Monitoring dynamics of different processes on rutile TiO2(110) by following work function change"
L. Martínez
"Nanoparticle formation using an adjustable multi-magnetron gas aggregation source"
12:20J. Lobo-Checa
"Precise engineering of quantum dot array coupling through their barrier widths"
E. G-Berasategui
"Enhancement of optoelectronic properties on indium tin oxide layers by co –sputtering of silver nanoparticles"
12:40Asamblea ASEVA
14:00Lunch break
15:00Invited - Jose Ignacio Pascual
“On-surface synthesis for the growth of functional nanoribbons”
15:30Invited - Otmar Zimmer
“PVD hard coatings > 20 microns, new perspectives for thin film application”
16:00Coffee break
16:20A. Vázquez de Parga
"Organic covalent patterning of nanostructured graphene with selectivity at the atomic level"
J. C. Sánchez
"On the reactive element effect of yttrium in the oxidation behavior of multilayered CrAlYN coatings"
16:40N. Ruíz del Árbol
"On-surface synthesis: a new route towards azines"
F. Ferreira
"DLC coatings for piston rings deposited by Deep oscillation magnetron sputtering"
17:00N. Merino-Dìez
"Energy level alignment and selective synthesis of armchair-oriented graphene nanoribbons on gold surfaces"
I. Fernández-Martínez
"Enhanced adhesion of hard DLC coatings on steel substrates with HIPIMS metal etch"
17:20J. Li
"Contacting magnetic porphyrines with graphene nanoribbons"
J. J. Roa
"Micromechanics of TiN/CrN coatings"
17:40F. C. Correia
"Transparent ZnO:Ga,Bi and TiO2:Nb thin film electrodes with thermoelectric properties"
Fernandes, F.
"Influence of Ag additions on the structure, thermal and tribological properties of Cr-O films deposited by HiPIMS "
18:00J. Delgado Soria
"Strontium hexaferrite: from single crystal to thin films"
L. Mendizabal
"CrAlN based hard coatings for high demanding cutting operations"
18:20Poster session
20:30Come Together Cocktail
October 5th


09:00Plenary - Peter J. Kelly
“The production of photocatalytic materials by magnetron sputtering techniques”
09:50Invited - Clemens Laubschat
“Functionalization of graphene layers on transition-metal substrates”
10:20Invited - Osvaldo de Melo
“Vapor phase growth and phase stability of bidimensional tellurides MoTe2 and Bi2Te3”
10:50Coffee break
11:20M. Knez
"Utilization of atomic layer deposition (ALD) for vapor phase infiltration and doping of conducting polymers"
K. Lauwaet
"Simulating the life of cosmic dust in the laboratory"
11:40A. R. González-Elipe
"Optically active porous 1D Bragg Microcavities prepared by evaporation at oblique angles as optofluidic sensor of glucose"
12:00R. Nevshupa
"New advancements in material characterization using Mechanically Stimulated Gas Emission Mass-Spectrometry"
J. Navarro
"Experimental characterization of a 1 kW HPT"
12:20C. Prieto
"Mo–Si–N Hybrid System for Absorbers in Solar Selective Coatings"
J. M. García
"Development of a Sputtering System for in-situ fabrication of Cu(in,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells: STAR"
12:40C. Morales
"Early stages of growth of ZnO on graphene/Cu: graphene decoupled from Cu"
J. P. Dias
"Innovative Solutions for the Machining of Composite-Ti alloys stacks for the aeronautic sector"
13:00J. Mendez
"New Strategy for Graphene Growth: a MBE Carbon-source"
I. Azkona
"Development, Calification and Application of a Thermal Protection PVD coating Designed for the Solar Orbiter Project"
13:20Lunch break
15:00Invited - Pedro Salomé
“Materials for photovoltaic cells”
15:30Invited - Michael Foerster
“Magnetism catches the wave”
16:00Coffee break
16:20E. Kusano
"Band gap and film structure control by H2 addition to Ar discharge gas in Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film deposition by reflector-wall sputtering"
Special session (J. de Segovia)
16:40A. de Castro
"N-H recombination enhancement in nitrogen-hydrogen Glow-Discharge plasmas induced by energetic helium bombardment on the tungsten surrounding surfaces"
17:00E. Oyarzabal
"Liquid metal (Li, SnLi) thin film protection of metal surfaces: fusion applications"
17:20M. U. González
"Black gold obtained by sputtering glancing angle deposition"
17:40S. A. Salehizadeh
"Effect of pulling rate on redox state and crystallization of Fe-Si-O glass ceramic prepared by laser floating zone"
18:00S. Mato
"Benefits of the multilayer design in the oxidation resistance of cathodic arc evaporated nitride coatings in the energy industry"
18:20Poster session
21:00Conference dinner
October 6th


09:00Plenary - Marek Rubel
“The role of surface analysis in studies of plasma wall-interaction in controlled fusion devices”
09:50Invited - Tomas Polcar
“Recent advances of solid lubricants prepared by vacuum-related processes”
10:20Invited - Carlo Morasso
“SERS analysis of human serum as possible tool for the diagnosis”
10:50Coffee break
11:20A. M. Bittner
"Water on viral surfaces"
M. Vila
"Atomic and Molecular Layer Deposition of Hybrid Nanostructured Materials"
11:40J. L. Pau
"Irreversible humidity indicators based on Zinc Nitride and water vapor effects"
J. Cascales
"ALI-1000: A new deposition method for macromolecules in UHV"
12:00A. Cavaleiro
"Ex-vivo studies on friction behaviour of urethral stent coated with Ag clusters incorporated DLC matrix"
L. Walczak
"The novel hemispherical energy analyser in the advance surface science research"
12:20P. Pellacani
"Study of colloidal crystalline monolayers for a versatile nanofabrication process"
D. Salinas
"Cromatipic: Industrialize solution for metallization on plastics with high quality productivity"
12:40G. Tabares
"Reduced Graphene Oxide sensor formed by dielectrophoresis across AZO electrodes"
A. Wright
"A Short Review of Outgassing"
13:00C. Rodriguez
"Impedance biosensor interface based on nanostructured porous silicon"
13:20Closing and awards ceremony
13:30Oral talk best thesis